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“I have sleep deprivation and I need help"

Insomnia and Sleep deprivation disorders affect one in three adults. Being sleep deprived increases anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress and can result in long term sleep disorders so the importance of sleep should not be underestimated.

Just a few days of sleep deprivation, if left untreated, can evolve into a chronic sleep disorder causing tiredness and depression. We have a wide range of treatments for insomnia from lavender pillow sprays; sleeping stones, sleep phones, sleep books covering natural sleep and sleep paralysis, sleep CD’s; accupuncture; essential oils for insomnia; and other unique items that can help with your sleep disorder.

All of our products are aimed at preventing sleep deprivation and improving the effects of insomnia. By understanding your sleep disorder and sleep deprivation and the treatments for insomnia that could work for you, it can become easier to manage. To understand insomnia and sleep deprivation better, it is worth viewing our sleep articles.  This site is designed to help those who suffer from sleep deprivation symptoms so if you suffer from insomnia and want to try a natural sleeping aid (rather than sleeping pills) to improve wellbeing, then Insomniastore is for you.

“I wish my baby slept through the night"

Baby Sleeping problems are common, but can be helped with baby sleeping aids aimed at improving problems such as colic or baby crying and baby sleep routines whilst reducing the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and encouraging your baby to fall asleep more easily.

A baby who never sleeps or a crying baby can cause sleep deprivation problems for parents too, affecting the experience of parenthood. A newborn baby who won't sleep through the night can put strain on relationships; trigger postnatal depression; and cause parental insomnia.

Learning how to settle a baby and preparing an effective baby sleep environment is critical and many of our baby sleep aids will help  you to develop a baby sleep routine. Once established, baby sleeping aids like a Cuski Comforter; Dream Mover, or Baby Lambskin will be associated by your baby with bed time.   Many of our baby sleeping aids have been tested by baby expert, Dr. Lin Day, founder of 'Baby Sensory'. Lin is a qualified baby expert who provides advice on baby development and baby brain growth - look out for her baby sleep aid product recommendations!